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Wedding Favours to Indulge In

No bride wants to spend money on wedding favours that end up being left behind at the end of the night or unused. Instead of sending guests home with items that will sit around gathering dust until thrown out, give them a delicious treat that they can enjoy. You can’t go wrong with food as a wedding favour, either your guests will enjoy them at the end of the night or at a later date.

SO... now that you have decided food is the way to go... what's more fun than a little DIY edible favours?! Gather up the bridesmaids or your hubby and have fun making personable and yummy treats for your guests (and maybe save some $ in the process). Many couples opt to making a creative little image or pun and creating custom labels. A DIY edible favour can be as simple as buying the food items and customizing the label or package, or you can go all out and make something from scratch.

Typically edible wedding favours can be made in two ways. They can be ready made for guests to devour, or they can be little kits that the guest can assemble and enjoy later on. When deciding what favour you want, consider the freshness and seasonality. Little assembly kits can last a lot longer and can be made more in advance, where as a baked good you would want fresh. It all depends on what you have time for and want.

When picking your wedding favour, lets not forget about your wedding theme. Try to think of a food item or label that still goes with your wedding theme, or is something that the bride and groom really enjoys and wishes to share with their guests.

All that being said, here is a list of plenty of edible ideas that range on their level of DIY-ness. Remember to let your creativity flow and have fun!

Some Seasonal Goodies

If you are going for the organic/natural vibe for your wedding a great option is giving your guests some fresh seasonal goodies. This could be seasonal plants or succulents (even though they aren't edible!), fresh fruit or jams!

Local Food Items

Sourcing and putting together favours that support local businesses is always a great idea. You can use a customized bottle and a funny pun that ties in the item with your wedding. Great local item options are olive oil, wine, honey, or syrup!

Cute Kits

A fun DIY favour option where guests are given a little favour that they can easily make later on, and they can be fun to assemble too! These favours are a great way for sharing a food or drink that the couple is well known for loving or making. Smores kits, drink kits (morning after caesar anyone?), or cookie mixes are good options.

Take-home Dessert Bar

Put together a fun bar where guests can assemble their own personalized goodie bag at the end of the evening. These bars can be themed by snack type, or colour, tieing in your wedding theme, and act as a dessert and wedding favour in one! Some popular bar ideas are a popcorn bar, donut bar, candy bar, etc.

Baked Goods and Sweets to Go

Nothing beats a sweet treat. Popular favours include muffins and jam, candy apples, cake pops, pretzels (maybe even chocolate dipped pretzels), pie or cheesecake in a jar, macaroons. They can be put together in a jar, or a cute little take-home box. These treats are always popular with the crowd, they can be a late night snack or saved for later.

Bon Appetit!

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