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All About Wedding Cakes

This post goes out to all of my sugar lovers out there! For people that dive into a chocolate bar, pumpkin pie or bag of sour patch kids with yes...maybe some regrets BUT all of the sugary satisfaction in the world. Put on your comfy pants (I already have) because I am about to tell you about some of the most beautiful mouthwatering cakes.

For those of us who avidly watch Cake Boss, Cake Wars or can just appreciate a good looking cake, this ones for you. I really need to take my hat off to anyone making beautiful elaborate cakes. These are so gorgeous it almost hurts to cut that first slice. I absolutely fell in love with these amazing cakes, every single cake is a master piece. Having a cake like this will have EVERY one of your guests talking about it for weeks.

Created by: LeNovelleCake

So we've talked about looks now lets get down to business, the artistic work may draw you in but the flavour is what keeps your coming back for more. We're in a really fun time for the food industry right now where there is really something for everyone, with that being said we are finding crazier tastier pairings rather than just sticking with the good ol' vanilla and chocolate. Some of the ones that stuck out to me were Orange Creamsicle cake with vanilla buttercream (sure to bring up childhood nostalgia), Earl Grey cake with vanilla bean buttercream and S’mores cake with a roasted marshmallow drizzle and graham cracker topping. This just sound like the type of cakes that can turn any bad day into a good one.

Created by: Sugar & Sparrow

Created by: Liv for cake

I wanted to highlight some of the trends we would be seeing this year, the first one being alternative or non-cake cakes. Most of us have seen cakes that look like other foods, for example a cake that looks like an icecream cone or a hamburger. This trend brings forward other foods that are made to look like cake. In my opinion the tastiest is a cake made of cheese. As someone who is obsessed with cheese this really "took the cake" haha. Another one would be a donut cake or tower, these are nice because their beautiful and budget friendly. The next trend is "architectural" cakes, say goodbye to the basics because you'll be asking your self HOW after seeing this new trend. Finally one- tier cakes, sometimes simple is better. these are cost effective, modern and allows you to take creative control with a smaller canvas.

Created by: The Cheese School

Created by: Butterland bakery

I'm sure one of these style will be the one for you but however will you choose!?

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