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Bringing the outdoors in

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better,” Albert Einstein.

Highlighting nature at weddings is one of the newest wedding trends of 2019. To be frank, why wouldn’t it be trendy?! Incorporating nature into any space results in a certain level of calmness and an overall promotion of well-being. Integrating nature into your wedding will do just that, and then some—because it also looks beautiful too! During this blog post, I’ll highlight a variety of tips and tricks to bringing the outdoors into your wedding. Let’s get your guests (and yourself) feeling like they just dropped into the trendiest, most serene wedding of 2019. The easiest way to bring the outdoors in on your wedding day is through hand-picked décor that maximizes the overall theme. Adding materials like wood, grass, mulch, rocks, and cork are a surefire way to heighten an elegant natural environment. Like the photos pictured below, there are many unique ways to incorporate such pieces of décor.

Photographer: Weddingguides

You can also incorporate the outdoors by adding accents of flowers, fruits and butterflies in generally unpredictable places. For instance, add faux fruit centrepieces or a floral waterfall to your cake. These contributions can promote nature while also providing a pop of colour to any wedding!

Photographer: Zazzle

Natural is always a good idea. Any way you spin it, there is some way that any couple can include nature into their big day. Think outside the box! Maybe you’re having a winter wedding and want to include icy blue elements to your scene. Maybe you’ve chosen a rustic theme and you can add stones to your centerpieces. What I’m trying to say is there’s a bit of this wilderness that can be inspiration for every wedding.

Connect with us and let us know how you plan to bring the outdoors in!

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