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Happy Lunar New Year! - A Throwback

Hey, everyone - it’s been a hot minute! Things have been bustling here at the studio and not for one second have we been regretting it.

New Years came and went, complete with an epic holiday wrap party with our team and some key “friendors”. There may or may not have been karaoke, and there may and may not be a video of me floating somewhere on the web singing a very tipsy rendition of “If I Ain’t Got You”.

But I digress.

We just celebrated Lunar New Year and I can hardly believe that it’s almost springtime already!

In saying that, we also have several clients that are of the same culture - be it Chinese, Indonesian, Cambodian, Laos (which Alicia is half) or Vietnamese. I thought today it would be a good idea to look back on some of our favourite Asian weddings!

Oh, and one more thing - this marks our official COUNTDOWN to our 11 year anniversary next week (so don’t be alarmed if some of these photos throw way, WAY back).

Esther and Budiman

Karen and Michael

Rebecca and Andrew

Marilyn and Jonathan

Tiffany and Jimmy

Vivian and Jonathan

Emily and Michael

Jessica and Andrew

Lily and Daniel

Stay tuned for more blog posts and updates as we count down to 11 years of business bliss!

Special thanks to the following photographers for contributing the stunning photos of our Envision Couples:

Jessica and Andrew ARTIESE Studios

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