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Wedding Nail Art

As a Bride it is your day, which means you’re allowed to have it be all about you. You get to be fully pampered from head to toe and dressed up in a beautiful gown! Before all the makeup and hair is done there is one piece that is overlooked. That piece is the nails, yes this is a small piece but no bride wants to show up with beautiful hair and makeup and chipped dirty nails. Here are some suggestions for beautiful nails on your wedding day.

Acrylic nails have definitely been a huge trend for years now; the creative ideas are also expanding. When it comes to sparkles, colours and designs basically every avenue has been explored. There are many options to choose from.

Bedazzled Nails

Designs on your nails are a total blast from the past! When you were young everything had to have jewels and Gems. When you dreamt of your wedding as a little girl and said “Everything will be sparkly”. This is beautiful and elegant and adds a bit of flare to your nails without feeling as if you’re going overboard. Your nails will also look amazing in pictures!

All About the Design

These are for the bride that are not shy to designs.These are for when the more the merrier is the motto. These designs make every nail its own art piece. This is the type of style where you can design it to incorporate things that represent you or things that represent your significant other. I love the idea of this because it firmly takes hold of “it’s the little things that count”. Adding a little music note hidden amongst the designs because your soon to be is a musician will surely bring a smile to their face.

Big, Bold and Beautiful

These are the type of nails that are sure to catch attention. Between the florals, the bows and beads every nail is an eye catcher. The gorgeous white and gold will go beautifully with whatever dress you are wearing and this even goes the extra mile by adding the little touch for the groom. This fully embodies the head to toe pampering, these are show stopping nails!

A Little Bit of Colour

These nails are slightly different because they are colourful. The thought going into choosing a colour for your nails is to match it with another part of you event. Whether this is your wedding colours or the colour of your bridesmaids dresses. This is adding that little touch to yourself that blends with the rest of the wedding. You chose those wedding colours because you fell in love with how they looked. This also lets you keep a piece of your wedding with you while you’re on your honey moon, every time you look down you’ll remember the beauty of it all.

Simple and Sophisticated

This is an underrated style for the brides that don’t always think bigger is better. It’s beautiful and allows the attention to be drawn to other things such as that dazzling ring you have on your finger. This style is to keep your nails well-groomed and still feminine without stealing the spotlight. You will also have no worries about a nail being too long and breaking or of your colourful nail polish chipping.

Whatever Shape Your Heart Desires

You now have so many choices in the shape, length and style and none of those choices are wrong. This is about what is best for you on your special day whether it’s a soft subtle rounded look, an almond shape to give it a little flare or a hard core stiletto style it’s all you! Go forward with caution if you are trying out style you have never had before. For example with the stiletto style if you aren’t used to this it could get caught in your dress and possibly cause a small tear. Another mishap that could happen if you’re an acrylic nail newbie is accidentally getting them to long and then losing a nail half way through the night. My recommendation if this is your first time for a special occasion is to start simple and small. A nice rounded or square nail with a beautiful design definitely fits the bill.

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