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Metallic Wedding Trends!

Metallic finishes, metallic attire, metallic invites, and yes, even metallic food! With all the new and creative ways to incorporate metallic there is no reason to fear the 80’s mishaps and welcome the new fresh take on this trend. There is so much variety today from golds, to coppers, to silver and different metals. The way you play with this trend is also endless. Sequin, satins, reflective objects, and so much more, be it a lot or a little – it’s sure to add a modern flare to your vision. Let’s start off with one of the most important elements of the big day – attire.

Designers are creating gowns, suits, and a wide range of accessories with metallic finishes to portray a new modern flare to the traditional wedding attire – and couples are loving it! For those wanting to take the metallic plunge without regret down the road, maybe try thinking of starting with something smaller such as shoes or accessories. For a more sophisticated but subtle look upgrade your groomsmen fabrics to satin finish for their ties or pocket squares. Feel like you need more metallic glam? How about gold sequin bridesmaids dresses? Or a suit with a subtle dark gun metal finish to it?

Décor is another opportunity to play out this trend.

Copper is a metal that is stunning next to different woods, and deep jewel tone schemes. Try a polished copper urn or candelabras to hold your rustics greens. Gold framed aisle pedestals instead of the traditional white to bring a fresh edge to your traditional layout. Use mirrors somewhere untraditional such as a large mirror with calligraphy details as your seating chart. For your table, long satin tablecloths will give your vision the sleek and polished backdrop your cutlery and centerpieces deserve. Once your ceremony is decorated how about kicking off party at your reception with a disco ball? It’s the iconic item that is universal for “let’s party!” and it is completely meant to be nostalgic in a good way!

Now for what we all get a taste of… metallic food!

Talk about glam! Have you tried gold covered strawberries? Gem stone (sugar crystals) cake? Pearl dusted doughnuts? Gold martinis? Or metallic chocolates? I was going to stick to presentation but let’s get right to the point. Edible luxury metals are the prettiest and hottest food presentation trends this season. These make all those little bites of indulgence seem that much more special for you and your guests.

From décor to food, and invites to reception, and from pinch of sparkle to overflowing luxury, there is an endless possibilities to use this trend to bring a little more sparkle to your special day!

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