Unique Wedding Invitations Ideas

Congratulations! I have recently received a friend’s wedding invitation, and of course I said congratulations to the soon-to-be couples. My initial reaction was WOW! Their invitation was so unique so I decided to write this blog and share some unique wedding invitations ideas to you all. Their invitation was a jenga block with the couple's’ names, dates, RSVP website link and venue location engraved onto, tied together with their engagement photos printed on a pocket size of card.

Something other than just pieces of paper!

Blow it or Pop it!

Save the date by knowing it from blowing the balloons up! Your guests will be having fun since receiving your invitations, they know what to expect, fun and whimsy side of you both. You can can also send out small balloons in a box, and let them to pop it and reveal the details of invitations. To add an extra "wow" factor you can put some confetti inside to make it colorful when they pop it.

Puzzle the date!

Another fun idea that would give a great first impression through your invitation would be to put it on a puzzle! Have your guests piece the puzzle together to find out all the details to your wedding.

Pull it out!

Remember back in the days of old film canisters and going to get your photos printed at the shop? Give your guests a throw back and let them relive their youth through these film canister invitations. Create a unique and beautiful label to print across the front and wait for your guests to be wow'd right from the start!