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DESIGN SPOTLIGHT: Branch Centerpieces

These days, florals are not the only centerpiece options if you are looking for something unique for your event. If you want an alternative to flowers, why not take inspiration from autumn and look to the beautiful trees and branches.

In Toronto, there are various types and looks of branches, and trees, which in turn can create whimsical, striking, and rustic wedding pieces.

When considering branch centerpieces, discuss these items with your designer:

- Are you doing long tables or round tables? Long tables would require more trees and branches to fill up the space.

- Are you okay with your guests possibly having obstructed views?

- What is the general height you'd like for your centerpieces? 4 ft? 3 ft?

- Are you looking more for the tree aesthetic or simple branches?

Here are some inspiration photos:

For more inspiration, please check out our Pinterest board!

Happy Wedding!


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