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Watercolour Trends

Watercolour is absolutely everywhere! Bold or subtle, it seems this trend has made it’s way into every avenue in the wedding industry. Some of us may think watercolour is for the “artsy” or colourful type of bride but this trend is also for the chic, modern, and classy bride as well. Let’s explore all the ways that watercolour is painting love all around this wedding world of ours.


Whether you are using a watercolour palette or actually incorporating the art of watercolour into your décor, they transition between colours is something special. Bold and beautiful, or soulful and subtle – this medium can be used in any measure. Watercolour seating charts, watercolour runners, and décor colour palette inspiration, even florals have a natural watercolour effect in certain stages of their bloom life.


Cookie favours seem to have faded off for a little while but it seems that this new trend in combination with modern calligraphy , has given new life to cookie favours. Doughnuts are also another fav along with pretty much anything else icing dipped have been finished with edible water colour.

Watercolour cakes

This is probably my personal favorite aspect of this trend. Although I love traditional buttercream cakes, I love to stare at cakes that look like pieces of art, and this trend totally does that! Designs can be bold or simple, layered or minimal, either way you end up with truly edible art that might make you hesitate even cutting into it to begin with.


DIY or professional , either way your guests will receive a really beautiful and unique invite with no one the to the next. But if you are a busy bride who prefers a clean mass order, this hot trend is now offered in many if not all mass online invitation vendors. In fact, you can probably find an entire theme collection to reflect this throughout the rest of your paper décor ( i.e seating chart, place cards, thank you notes, etc…).

Checkout more ideas on how to bring this trend to your wedding day with our “Watercolour Trend” Pinterest board.

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