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Alternative Bridesmaids Bouquets

Getting bored of seeing florals everywhere at a wedding? One normally see flowers at the ceremony, in the reception centrepieces and all personal flowers like bridal bouquet and wedding party bouquets as well. Some brides may think it’s an essential for them to have a fresh floral bouquet, but where can you have alternatives to possibly lower the costs of floral? These alternatives for your bridesmaids can make them look uniquely stunning without fresh flowers on that day too!


Lanterns are some of the most popular alternatives of bridesmaid bouquets in the wedding scene. Lanterns can be add to the decor as well as being the item that bridesmaids hold down the aisle. If you’re having a barn wedding, it’s the best to look for rustic lanterns and decorate with some baby’s breath. Lanterns are usually lit up with tealight or pillar candles, however be aware of the danger of open flame (battery powered candles are also just as lovely without the fear of lighting yourself on fire). For Christmas weddings, darker colour of lanterns are suggested. Lanterns are also easy to carry as most come with a handle.

Fans & Umbrellas

Wedding on summer days may be sunny or rainy, but it’s always hot! Your bridesmaids can hold on to a customized fan in your wedding colours, which can potentially be used to reduce heat at the same time. Traditional folding fans with different styles are ideal and gives a beautiful touch to your design. Fans can also be an easy art & craft project with your bridesmaids, along with customized paper parasols. The wedding date can easily be painted onto the parasols using a stencil.


Does the idea of having purses for bouquets awkward to you? How about adding some fresh florals to make it more enticing? Handheld purses that carried by bridesmaids with some florals added in it to make it a little more formal. If you’re more concerned about the floral cost driving up your budget, you can also stitch fabric flowers onto the purses surface, and your bridesmaids can store their items inside.

Last but not least, there are two big trends of alternative bridesmaids bouquets that I would love to share as it looks amazing at every wedding. They are balloons and flower circles. They have made it to the top of this list, as they look unique yet traditional enough for a wedding. Just don't forget to consider the height of the balloons to make sure there are no obstructive views.

Have fun on designing your bridesmaid bouquets, and remember to think different!


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