Destination Wedding Welcomes

Over the last few years destination weddings have become uber popular. Usually destination weddings attract couples looking for adventure, or couple who share a passion for travel, or even just a desire for a more unique and intimate wedding. That being said, destination weddings can be quite the commitment for your guests so you want to make sure that you make the experience a wonderful one with a warm welcome!

There are many ways to share and keep your guests feeling though of throughout the entire wedding planning journey.

Wedding Apps & Website

You are going to want to start off with a wedding website or eve, downloadable app to follow your invitations/ save the dates. Unlike official invites, websites are meant to be updated. This is a great way to post contact information of your travel agency. You can also include other important facts such as:

Important dates/ times/ events

Hotel info

Destination cool facts/tips/info

Excursions available

What to pack guides (pinterest has plenty checklists to guide your guests)

Wedding party info – introduce your bride tribe and groomsmen!

Countdown to pump up the crowd

Welcome Bags - Local Goodies

When traveling to another city or country most of us want to truly experience popular dishes or foods that may not be available to us outside of that travel. To kick-off your guests’ experience, place some local goodies in their rooms or welcome gifts. Small snacks, drinks, and treat