Animal-Looking Flowers

I thought I'd talk about something a little different for this week’s blog. For some reason I have been thinking about the Toronto Zoo and their animals there and how interesting if animals and flowers can be connected.

So I started searching online and to my amazement, there are so many weird and unique flowers that resemble animals and have animal like features.

I would love to share my thoughts on what each flower looks like. And looking through all the images, I thought to myself, how awesome would these flowers look as a wedding floral bouquet or centerpiece. It would definitely be something to talk about around the table!

1. Dracula Simia (Orchid) - Monkey

2. Pecteilis radiata (Orchid) - Dove

3. Moth Orchid: Phalaenopsis - Bird

4. Caleana Major (Orchid) - Duck

5. Calceolaria Uniflora - Snail

6. Moon Orchid, Phalaenopsis amabilis - Tiger

7. Ophrys bomybliflora (Orchid) - Bee

8. Heliconia rostrata - Lobster Claw

9. Impatiens Psittacina - Parrot

10. Zebra/Horse

11. Tacca Integrifolia - Bat

12. Miltassia (Orchid) - Spider

13. Orchid - Owl

14. Stapelia flavopurpurea - Starfish

15. Drosophyllum lusitanicum - Octopus Tentacle

16. Pink Orchid Mantis - Although this is not a flower, I thought I include this as it looks a lot like an orchid. It fooled me!

For more images, please check out the inspiration board here!

Happy Wedding!

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