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Choosing your Perfect Wedding Planner

Finding a proper wedding planner is a little bit of a daunting task, especially when you're looking in the GTA, with thousands of planners, coordinators and designers to choose from. How do you know if they are reputable? Creative? Talented? On budget? Here are some tips to help you along...

Shop Around

It is a good idea to have a handful of wedding planners that you are comparing prices and services with, however the number of wedding planners on the market can be truly overwhelming. So do your homework, research some reviews and compare 3-5 wedding planners. Make sure they are accredited (graduated from a prestigious Even Management program, certified through the Wedding Planning Institute of Canada or similar training) and have lots of experience! Also, remember that it isn’t always about price, but more so about the value of the service they are providing.

Interview Your Top Choices

To narrow down your search even further it is vitally important to interview your potential wedding planners in person. Think of it as a job interview, because essentially it is one. At this stage you have found a few select people in your price range, and you should have a general idea of the services they provide. The interview is important to get a more specific idea about sharing your vision for the wedding, and most importantly, checking out chemistry. Ask about their working style, how many weddings they work on at a time, and if they do their job part-time or full-time (which is extremely important if you are looking for someone who has more availability to work on your event with several moving parts).

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Match Based on Personality

If you hire the right wedding planner for you, they are going to be with you every step of the planning process. This means constant communication between you and your planner, that will inevitably increase to everyday interactions closer to the wedding. You want to make sure you are hiring someone you like and you jive with. If you connect with your planner, everything will go a lot smoother. Any problems that arise, you’ll be able to communicate solutions that much more efficiently.

Ask for a Portfolio

Past work is an excellent predictor of future work. If you love the theme and design your planner has put together for past weddings, you’ll more than likely love whatever he or she puts together for your wedding. Don’t be shy, ask for photos and videos to get a better idea of the type of events your wedding planner naturally gravitate towards. Check out Envision Wedding’s Portfolio!

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How do they charge for their services?

A percentage or a flat rate are the two most common forms of rates when hiring a wedding planner. A percentage, is a percentage of the overall cost of the wedding, generally about 10% of your budget. And flat rate comes in the forms of pre-planned wedding packages that have a pre-determined fixed price. The most important thing to consider though, is whether the planner will deliver on your expectations within your proposed budget. If the answer is no, keep searching.

What services do packages cover and what don’t they cover?

Everyone has different expectations for their wedding planner and many people have pre-conceived notions about wedding planning. Similar to other professions, unless you’ve experienced it first hand, sometimes those notions may not be correct. It is your wedding planner’s job to educated clients on what the purpose of a wedding planner is, and what they are hired to do – to relieve stress, organize all your moving parts of the day, and oversee the elements that you will not have time to be able to pay attention to, because you are having that much fun!

Happy Planning!

- Cassandra

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