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Unique Processionals

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white!

Wait! Let’s back track a little bit. Before we have the bride walk down the aisle, let’s talk about

how the bridal party will be making their entrances at the wedding ceremony.

Over the years, the order of the wedding procession has slightly changed depending on the

preferences of the wedding couple. However, the order traditionally starts with the officiant,

who is then followed by the groom’s parents and bride’s mom. After the parents are settled in

their seats, the groomsmen and groom enter. The entrances of the groomsmen and groom have

not changed much over the years. However, an idea to change it up a bit is to announce the

entrance of the groom.

If the ceremony is outdoors, an idea may be to have the groom and the groomsmen enter the

ceremony in style via boat or vehicle.

Groomsmen may also be arranged to enter with the bridesmaid instead with the groom. If that is

the case, there are a few options for both the groomsman and bridesmaid to enter together. The

most traditional is to have the groomsman and bridesmaid already entering the ceremony arm in

arm. Another option is to have the groomsman and bridesmaid approach each other at the

entrance and the groomsmen could hand the bridesmaid bouquet to the bridesmaid.

If the groomsmen have already entered and the bridesmaids will be entering with the bride,

traditionally each bridesmaid would enter one at a time down the aisle. But if you want an

interesting entrance, bridesmaids may enter the ceremony in a unique fashion like on a


However before the bride comes her way down the aisle, there are the flower girl or girls, and the

ring bearer left to make their marks. There are adorable ways and ideas to have your ring bearer

and flower girls walk down the aisle.

My favourite ideas are the cute signs or announcements created by signage held either by the

ringer bearer or the flower girl.

And if you are a pet lover, you can have your pet or pets come down the aisle to join in on your


When everyone in the bridal party has made their appearance, it is finally the bride’s turn. She

may be accompanied by her father, or both parents, or siblings. Also, the bride may decide to

walk down the aisle herself. Regardless of the choice, it is the bride’s time to shine. Doors may

be opened for the bride’s entrance, or the bride may be walking down beautiful stairs where

someone will be waiting for her.

Another possibility is to have both the bride and groom share the experience entering together. I

still remember seeing this clip from an episode from Smallville (Please don’t judge me ).

However it was so heartwarming. Here is the Youtube clip from the episode:

So no matter how the wedding processional is arranged, make it your own and enjoy the moment

with your friends and family, individually, or together!

Happy Walking! Happy Planning!

- Bonnie

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