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Grand Entrance Ideas

In a previous blog, we came up with a few unique ways the bridal party can make an entrance at the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, the ceremonial entrances are a little more subdued and soft. But fear not! If you want that grand elaborate entrance, you have your opportunity at your wedding reception. This can set the tone of the entire night and provide your guests a great preview of what is next to come!

Wedding reception entrances can be of many things, and it is the best way to be goofy and show your personality. Let’s explore a couple of options, which may be your wedding reception entrance. Let’s get ready to have fun!

1. Think Sports

One of the most exciting entrances come from sports especially football. The way the players are filled with energy, live and upbeat music or instruments, and a mascot, all makes for a great and impressive entrance. Have your bridal party wear sports jerseys, wave banners or flags and chant the new mister and missus. Or have your bridal party make 2 lines where the bride and groom come running through.

2. Dance, dance, dance!

Choose a great song and choreograph a dance routine. Your bridal party may come in as pairs and dance to a different song, or come in as a large group. Dances are high in energy and will get your guests excited and pumped up for the rest of the night. Flash mobs are also great options as long as you inform certain guests of the dance.

3. Don't Be Afraid to be Silly!

Another way to grab your guests’ attention is to be silly. Bridesmaids can enter in the groomsman’s suit or tuxedo, and vice versa. Add props such as large colourful glasses or wigs to add more silliness. The bridal party can also wear the costumers of the bride’s and groom’s favourite characters.

4. Enter in Style

Walking into a room is the thing of the past. We no longer need our feet to do the walking or to get us from Point A to Point B. We have vehicles and bikes for that. So if you have the love for cars and motorcycles, why not enter the reception by riding in style. Also, who says it needs to be a real vehicle or bike? Toy cars are equally as acceptable and twice as fun.

5. Light and Dark

Why not add some mystery to the wedding reception? Start off with the room in the dark and then shine a spotlight on a projection screen. The bride and groom can be hidden behind the screen and then slowly revealed. If you cannot get your hands on a projection screen, check with the venue or a lighting company to make their magic on the dance floor or on the ceiling and walls.

6. Make a Video Presentation

A fabulous way to enter the reception is to create a cinematic entrance. The couple can create a funny or dramatic storyline leading up to the wedding reception where the final shots would be the couple entering the venue interior doors. Many ideas may re-enact scenes from movies such as Mission Impossible. Here is a great example:

Do not be overwhelmed however, by the large production of these entrances. These ideas are still feasible and can be scaled down. But just be creative, and have fun with your entrance. There are many choices, and there will be the one that is perfect for your reception!

Happy Planning,


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