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Out-of-the-Box Themes

Themed weddings are hard. You have chosen a specific theme because it means something to you and your partner- maybe you first bonded over a joint love of a TV show or book series, or maybe you are high school sweethearts, or are both die-hard fans of a specific sports team- and you want to honour that theme on your big day.

But how do you go about it without crossing into tacky territory? How can you incorporate a theme into your wedding without going overboard? Will you look back at you pictures in 10 years and regret it? Maybe your husband to be loves Batman but you are more of a ‘no mention of comic book characters at my wedding’

kind of girl- how do you compromise?

Well fear not, because I am here to help you find some very subtle, fun, and classy ways to incorporate your theme into your wedding!

Let’s talk about Superheroes. People love superheroes. The Avengers franchise regularly makes a billion dollars at the box office and there is even a special edition Jeep being released as part of the massive marketing scheme for the new Batman/Superman movie. Suffice it to say, Superheroes are a BIG part of the cultural zeitgeist right now. Does your fiancé love batman? Have him and his groomsmen wear the bat-signal on their undershirts, that way they can feel like the hero’s your wedding needs while you can still get the aesthetic you want.

Photo credit: Dianne Personett Photography

So, you are a Potterhead. Who doesn’t love the boy who lived? A fun, and subtle, way to incorporate your love of all things Harry Potter into your wedding is by sorting your guests instead of seating them. That’s right, jazz up your seating chart a bit by sorting your guests into the Hogwarts houses instead of boring, old, numbered tables. You can even feature the infamous Sorting Hat on the table as a fun piece of themed décor!

Photo credit: Geoff White Photographers

As far as TV obsessions go, people don’t get much more fanatical than fans of Zombie shows; The Walking Dead, anyone? So if you and your fiancé obsess over the undead but want very much to have a living wedding, a fun thing to do could be to incorporate a zombie theme into your engagement or wedding shoot!

Nothing truly unites a couple ore than fighting off zombies together? You can even get your bridal party in on the action!

Photo Credit: Josiahx on Reddit

What girl doesn’t dream of a Fairy Tale wedding? If your idea of the happiest place on earth is still Disney World, and your VHS collection of classics is still in constant rotation, you might want to incorporate some element of your fairy tale fantasy into your real life wedding, and you don’t have to buy a dress from the Alfred Angelo Disney Fairy Tale Bridal Collection to do it. Bring in motifs from your favourite stories into your reception décor- love Alice in Wonderland? Decorate with clocks everywhere! Never want to grow up? Pay homage to Peter Pan with sprinklings of green ‘fairy dust’ on your tables and in your aisle! If you’re partial to Beauty and the Beast, take a cue from this couple that took the idea from the iconic Rose for their centerpieces- beautiful, understated, and fun!

Photo Credit: Sarah Kathleen Photography

But regardless of whatever wedding you plan - just remember to make it about YOU and YOUR interests - and even if it does cross over to the tacky side... you can't say it wasn't memorable!

Happy planning,


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