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Unique Bridal Showers Ideas & Games

One of the many perks of getting married is having your bridal party or friends plan your bridal shower. It is a day where the bride gets to relax, get pampered by friends, and have fun. But wait, we cannot leave out the guys. The groom and his friends can also join in on the fun with the girls. This event would then be called a couple’s shower.

I have provided a few ideas and games that would work for both a bridal shower as well as a couple’s shower. So let’s start!

1. Let's Eat!

Whether you are having lunch at a restaurant or at the party room of your condo building or house, food is always a good idea to start off the shower. You can grab some take out or pass hors d’oeuvres around, or get the whole group to make their own food with a food demonstration from a chef or an awesome foodie friend or relative.

To make this into a couple’s shower, why not have the opposite genders create food masterpieces to be judged by the bride and groom. Create a friendly competition between pairs, or women versus men, similar to the television show, “Iron Chef” or “Top Chef”. The winning group gets a reward

2. Cheers!

When there is food, there are drinks. Similar to the food idea, your group can create cocktails, attend a wine tasting or even go to a brewery to for some beer tasting. If you have the space for your guests to make some drinks, grab the glasses, ice, fruits, juices and alcohol, and see what kinds of concoctions are created.

3. Be Creative

Make a day full of art and DIY projects. One idea may be painting and creating art with the girls. Paint some canvases or create and decorate pottery pieces such as plates, cups or vases that you can take home. There are many locations and studios in and around the GTA that offer sessions or drop in classes.

Another idea is to create floral arrangements. A good idea is to get an instructor to help out, but if one cannot be found, why not YouTube it!

4. Get Active

If you are thinking about having your bridal shower or couple’s shower indoors, maybe also consider the outdoors, particular for showers during the spring or summer. Your guests can indulge in a game of volleyball at the beach, flag football or Frisbee. If you like the sports idea but do not want to go outdoors, there are other options such as rock climbing, bowling or archery tag.

5. Get Competitive

Bring back the traditional games such as Pictionary, Charades, or Taboo. Guests will have fun participating, watching, and competing for points. You can also look to television games such as the Newlywed Game, Jeopardy or Family Feud and ask questions about the bride and groom.


- Bonnie

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