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Wedding Trends of 2016

Time flies! 2016 is already well underway with some fabulous weddings in the works. Decor, florals, dessert, reception spaces, and more are on the list for 2016 trends. Ultimately what we have noticed is that these trends are all working toward creating more personalized and unique weddings that we cannot wait to see!

1. Creative Seating Arrangements

No longer will you see the large round tables when you walk into the reception, expect to see a variety of table shapes and layouts. More couples are opting for long rectangular or square tables to change things up, and the combination of table shapes can create an intimate and creative reception space.

2. Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Cake

With some wedding cakes being pricey, couples have been moving away from the traditional wedding cake and have been trying out a variety of other options. Some alternatives we have seen are doughnut cakes, cake pops, pies, cheesecakes, and the list goes on.

The naked wedding cake has also emerged as an alternative. Naked cakes ditch the layer of icing, and often uses garnishes or flowers as decor. These cakes offer an organic and natural element and are often selected when the wedding theme is rustic or outdoors.

Image credits: Mod Wedding and Huffington Post

3. Mismatched Bridesmaids

Brides are increasingly letting their bridesmaids select their own gowns for the big day, and we must say the result is stunning. The bride simply selects a general colour scheme and the bridesmaids do the rest. Bridesmaids are able to select dresses in a variety of designs and colours that compliment their bodies, allowing them to feel confident and comfortable all day.

4. Metallic Colours

Metallics have become a wonderful accent colour, often combined with natural elements. Metallics such as gold, copper, and bronze create a pop of glam to any space. Our favourite incorporations of metallics include linens, cakes and desserts, bridal party attire, and florals.

5. Incorporating Succulents

Recently succulents have become a popular plant to have in the home or office, and now they are making an appearance in wedding decor! Succulents are a durable, easy to care for, and beautiful plant that comes in a variety of colours and shapes. We are seeing succulents being incorporated into floral arrangements and centerpieces, used as boutonnieres, used as cardholders, and even as cute wedding favours.

6. Brunch Weddings

If the bride and groom’s favourite meal is breakfast, having a morning wedding ceremony with a brunch reception may be just the perfect choice. Brunch weddings usually take place between 11am and early afternoon and offer the opportunity to have a unique and fresh twist on many wedding elements. We just love the decor, food, and drink options that accompany a brunch reception. An added bonus: brunches can be a real money saver!

7. Comfort Foods

It is often said the most memorable part of a wedding is the… you guessed it, food! We are expecting to see an increasing number of fun comfort foods incorporated into the menu. While these comfort foods may be a common food item, the presentation is on point with some added features. Some popular choices include mac and cheese, chicken and waffles, poutine, mini sliders, etc.

Image credits: WeddingWire and Brit.Co

8. Less Formal Dinner Options

Serving styles are shifting away from the formal and lengthy served dinner, and moving towards more interactive and fun serving styles. The reason behind this being that couples simply want to keep the fun party going, and do not want to put guests through a long dinner. Other dinner options that we are expecting to see more of include family style eating, service stations, and event self serve bars!

So be unique! Be personal! Be fun! Most of all, be you, and let yourself shine through the trends of 2016.

- Kristina

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