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Featured Wedding: Stephanie + Oscar

Whenever we think of weddings that are hosted at the beautiful Hart House at University of Toronto, we commonly get the idea of a Harry Potter themed wedding (and why wouldn't we?).

Which is why when we were approached by Stephanie and Oscar in 2014 to design their wedding, we were relieved to know that they weren't going in that route - although we would have been happy to do it even if they did ask! In fact, Stephanie had a very specific colour palette in mind, and she was looking for someone that shared her vision. Not only that, they were both looking for not only a design team that could bring their vision to life, but a coordination team that would be able to hold the whole day together as well.

So in we stepped.

Fast forward one year later, and we were just as thrilled as she was when we saw the entire thing come together. It's always the best inner satisfaction a designer can have when they see everything they put on paper in front of them in real life. And of course, when the bride comes in and tells you that it is more than what they dreamed of - well, that is just icing on the cake, isn't it?

Thanks to Shlomi Amiga for the amazing shots!

And to the talented team:

Hair and makeup - Bridezilla Beauty

Shoes - Manolo Blahnik (because it had to be mentioned :))

Floral, Decor and Coordination - yours truly

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