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One Year Older

Can't believe another year has flown by!

This week, we celebrate Envision Weddings's 8th anniversary, a feat that I never thought I would have or be able to celebrate.

I do have a confession to make, though: When I first started this company, it was out of necessity. It wasn't out of passion, love for the event planning industry, or for quick cash. Actually, I was a member of the doomed generation - the generation that graduated post-secondary at the brink of the recession. I started this business because it was a better option than working for someone else and possibly having the rug be pulled out from under me. I started this business for freedom to choose.

The passion and love for the industry came later, but not before lots of blood, sweat and tears of getting it off the ground. After my first year, that's when the deep seeded love I had for my clients and the unfaltering want to service them began to develop. And the insatiable hunger to make this ultimately my full time career. Truthfully, I almost chalk that up to luck. Not every person who starts a business have the amount of passion to keep it going for longer than 2-3 years.

The money came last - and while of course it is an integral portion for any business to stay afloat, it's not the only cog that pushes this business to exceed my expectations every year.

In fact, having the passion and the love for the industry led me to a gigantic network of likeminded people that had (have) just as insatiable of a hunger as I did (do). It is appropriate - almost vital - that I share this achievement with those that also shared my same vision and pushed me and my team to new heights.

So, in saying that, thank you to my supporters, colleagues, family and my incredible team, chiefly my husband who will do anything for me and this company to maintain my happiness. Thanks for really believing that I could have the life that I do now.

To the clients in the very beginning who trusted me - thanks for making me fall in love with what I do.

To the recent clients that I had the opportunity to work with these past couple of years and to those who I have yet to work with in the next couple - thanks for believing that I still got it.

And to everyone in between - you're the reason why we're 8 years old.

To the next 8!

All my love,


PS Below is a selection of my personal favourites from the past 8 years. Be warned - there are a lot! :) Enjoy!

Photography talents of:

Thanks for capturing my journey in event planning! :)

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