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Holiday Reflections

So it's that time of year again - when we finally have a moment to put away our clipboards, our laptops (well, almost..) and our floral shears and take out our gift tags, our wrapping paper and our Christmas cookie recipe to ring in the holidays and New Year.

One of my assistants asked me recently what made me want to get into this business, with all of it's craziness, pressure and little room for error. I reflected a little bit on it and then said this:

While I love my job, adore my clients, and get a high off of doing schedules and checking off action items, I really started this business for the freedom that it gives me to spend the time I want, with the people I want, at the time that I wanted.

Being an entrepreneur is not just about the business, it is about the lifestyle. You're not just going out there to provide the service, make the money and then come home. You are waking up early and staying up late, fighting traffic about 75% of the time, working your home schedule into your work schedule, having absolutely bizarre office hours and balancing being a normal human being with normal human needs while still being the person that you want to be for your clients.

And while not all of it is fun and games, the end result is that you get to also hug your loved ones when you want to, drop by a friend's place when you need to, and take part of initiatives that really mean the world to you.

In saying that, we had the privilege this year to also be a part of Holiday Helpers Canada, an organization that provides Christmas packages to over 400 hardworking, underprivileged families across the GTA. This organization is near and dear to my heart, not only because I know the owners of the organization, but because of the direct impact that the packages make for these families. We also had the opportunity to support the organization at their annual golf tournament over the summer, by designing centerpieces for their luncheon.

This year, we not only were able to assist all week in wrapping presents for the families, but also participated in delivering the completed packages. Some of these families were recommended by shelters, and others by employment agencies. Either way, it was our pleasure and honour to be able to serve and recruit others to serve alongside with us.

With our friends from Travels Jubilee (Amanda and her mom)

With our friends from Brent Miller Live (Brent and Sarah)

All the volunteer vehicles waiting to deliver packages

So, if you are an entrepreneur or thinking of starting a business, I urge you to think about your "why", and utilize that to fuel your passion. Money comes and goes, but the fulfillment of doing something that benefits something beyond yourself and gives you the freedom to be an even better you, makes the work invaluable. I thank my lucky stars that Envision Weddings has provided this for me, and I wish you every luck in finding that for yourself.

From all of us to all of you, we wish you a very fulfilling holiday and a rejuvenated start to the New Year.

- Kimberly & the Envision Weddings team

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