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Flower of the Month - Alstroemeria

There are many ways to spell our beautiful June Flower of the Month. Some people call it "alstroemeria". Others spell it as "alstromeria" (ditching the "e" in the middle). Some crazies will even replace the "o" and call it "alstremeria". But this bloom is mainly also known as the Peruvian Lily or the Lily of the Incas.

For weddings, alstroemeria's (I'll call them "alstros") are a fantastic addition to any garden-style arrangement that needs that perfect pop of colour and just the right fullness.

It's colours are very versatile. Thus far this summer, we have used varieties in yellow, orange, deep red, bright red, pink and white, and have up to 190 different colours and versions, making this flower really easy to match colour schemes, though it is important to note that alstros do have markings and "stripes" on the petals, so they will never come in truly solid colours. As well, these fragrance free perennials last in vases or arrangements for up to 2 weeks and are available year round in Toronto.

Moreover, alstros are relatively inexpensive comparative to the common wedding flowers. By comparison, they are at least $0.50 to $1.00 cheaper per bloom, with a long stem, and several breaks (mini stems) and blooms per stem for the fullness.

In significance, alstros are also known as the "friendship flower" and was named after a Swedish baron, Clas Alstromer. :)

Visit our Pinterest board to view some inspiration on how to incorporate alstroemeria into your next event!

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