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The Team and What the Stars Say About Us

I think it’s time for another introductory post now that we have some consistent viewership! It’s been a while since we did a full introduction of the people behind Envision Weddings and Envision Floral Studio, as I (Kimberly) definitely am not a one-woman show.

We are a 1 man and 4+ women show, actually!

But since I have beaten the dead horse on our usual introductions, tidbits, ‘things you might not know about us’ stuff, I wanted to take this a different way. Lately, I have been interested in reading about star signs, alignment with the universe and how our personalities are affected by when we were born into the world. So I wanted to introduce my team as the ladies (and gent) defined by their astrological signs and workplace traits.

The following is just to be used for reference and really, for a barrel of laughs. Take what you will from them!



The Crab: Kimberly Fu Skubic - CEO/Founder, Principal Event Specialist, Principal Floral Designer, Destination Wedding Planner

Cancer’s Best Traits: Intuitive, compassionate, empathetic to the needs of others, likes to keep traditions alive (great for weddings!), likes to be part of a bigger plan

Cancer’s Worst Traits: Too emotional! Cancers FEEL. EVERYTHING. They want to HELP. EVERYBODY. They are sensitive, so having a strong grip on what is going on around them helps. And they never like to feel left out, as they themselves don’t want to leave anyone out, so they expect the same courtesy.

As bosses, Cancers feel most comfortable when they are in charge and are very family-oriented, so they create home-like and family-like environments wherever they go. This is especially important when building a team. When joining a team that Cancers have built, expect to be welcomed in with open arms, made comfortable, and encouraged to make yourself at home. If looking for stability, Cancers will keep employees for the next 25 years if they could.

As your wedding planner, Cancers will ensure that all your family members and friends are welcomed warmly into the environment and that the hospitality is working at 110%. As well, hurdles in the planning phase are dealt with nurtured understanding, because they tend to absorb your problems like their own through their empathy. If you are hiring Kimberly as your planner, be prepared to have someone involved, but not meddling, like a good friend that is there to help you and let you talk out all your problems, while still getting the job done and taking care of everything to preserve your well-being.


The Ram: Meghan Kelly - Senior Event Specialist

Aries’s Best Traits: Passionate, optimistic, bold, and likes to dive headfirst into challenging situations. An Aries possesses a blind optimism that gives them a certain joie de vivre that many other signs don’t possess.

Aries’s Worst Traits: Fiery and sometimes can be a little impulsive, but all with good intentions in mind. If you have any impulse purchases you want to make, be aware that this Aries will be a total enabler. They are the definition of YOLO.

In the workplace, Aries likes to think on their feet and solve problems quickly, so you can expect several solutions coming at you at a rapid speed when you have an issue that needs to be fixed. They thrive the best when things are moving along, and while they do have attention to detail, they would rather find a solution than dwelling on a problem.

As your wedding planner, you would enjoy a bubbly, energetic personality that rejuvenates your excitement in planning your wedding. With Meghan, nothing is impossible. All your decisions can be happily accommodated and no problem is left unsolved. An Aries is relentless in their determination and is a consistently motivated leader so you can be sure that your vendor team has a strong partner in pulling off even the most challenging events. And be prepared, because this one can probably go all night without a break and still be chipper at 1 am when everyone else is leaving.


The Bull: Cynthia Rivera - Senior Event Specialist

Taurus’s Best Traits: Calming, soothing, steadfast and loyal - these people love beauty, luxury, and pampering, but have an incredible sense of focus and resiliency.

Taurus’s Worst Traits: A little bit of a one-track mind - their determination can be misinterpreted as stubbornness, but this also makes them very dependable in relationships. So if you ever need someone on your side for the long haul or to fight an ongoing battle, they are the best people to partner with!

In the workplace, Taurus’s love their systems and thrive in seeing and creating structures. They bring order to chaos and are depended on to support even the most erratic and disorganized situations, all with ease and an eerie sense of calm! And with that, they are also some of the most hardworking people you’ll meet.

As your wedding planner, you can expect someone who would be very systematic on the flow of your wedding and also, in the priorities that need to get done for the big day. You will also have someone who is practical and will try to save you money as much as they can because they themselves love banking those bucks and making sure you are getting your money’s worth, without sacrificing the beauty of the entire event. They also have an unshakeable sense of peacefulness, which is proven to be useful during a crazy wedding day.

And if your planner is like Cynthia who believes in your love story from the beginning, you will get someone rooting for you until the very end of your big day (and long after - as they make great lifelong friends, too!)


The Lion: Michael Skubic - Studio Manager, Production Manager and Jack of all Trades

Leo’s Best Traits: Born leaders, vivacious, passionate, and consistent - like their animal counterparts, they are dedicated to their tribe and determined to see it succeed.

Leo's Worst Traits: Almost a little too “out there”, especially for introver