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The Envision Exclusive Workshop Series is a variety of interactive, small-group, classroom-style, limited seating workshops created specifically for wedding professionals in a burgeoning, busy, and hectic industry. 

Kimberly's no-nonsense, no-sugarcoating approach has been regarded to as "the kick in the ass that everyone needs" in order to be that business owner that you always wanted to be: confident, put-together, and profitable. She started her business, Envision Weddings and Events, in 2008 at the beginning of the recession, when brides only wanted the most for the least amount of money. Over the past 11 years, Kimberly used trial and error to develop a six-figure wedding planning and floral design business, while managing a studio in the heart of Etobicoke, and developing a successful seasonal internship with partners from the top event planning colleges in the city.

After constant urging from industry professionals and mentees, this workshop series was developed as a passion project as an opportunity for Kimberly to share what she learned in a no-holds-barred, low-key, and inclusive setting.


We hope that you will get value out of it just as much as we had fun creating it.


This workshop will be led by Kimberly Fu Skubic, a wedding planner, floral designer, and entrepreneur for over 11 years. The Process Workshop was designed to streamline, and organize wedding businesses so that professionals can work smarter, not harder. You will learn where to focus limited and precious time, measure twice and cut once, and feel completely confident in the way your business operates its backend.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with how your business is functioning and trying to grasp on how to "do it all", this workshop assists in creating a structure to ultimately allow you to develop the work/life balance you are looking for, as well as maximizing the client experience and creating a flow that works.

For your convenience, we have created 2 workshop dates to accommodate schedules. Please choose the date that works best for you!

Topics will include:

Developing Workflows

Analyzing Your Current Business State

Social Media Processes

How to Track Everything (and Why It's So Important!)

"My mentorship with Envision Weddings had definitely provided me with great insight into the wedding industry. I am very appreciative of Kimberly for giving me this opportunity to be involved in full and day-of wedding coordinations which consisted of researching various venues, site inspections, communicating with various vendors, assisting the bride and groom, creating an inspiration board, and much more. Kimberly is a very patient, understanding, and inspiring leader. I would highly recommend any newly certified wedding planners to apply for this mentorship - the learning experience in invaluable."

Cheryl K., Summer Mentee 2012

"I had the great opportunity to be a mentee at Envision Weddings. I loved working with Kimberly and her team. I learnt a lot during this few months and I am very thankful for having the opportunity to grow under the team's wings. At the end of the mentorship I felt more confident and knowledgeable to start my own company. Thank you Kimberly and Envision Team. It will always be a pleasure to be working with you."

Rodica A., Winter/Spring Mentee 2013

"I am very appreciative of Kim teaching me a lot about wedding coordination and the background work it takes to run a business and for providing me with a lot of opportunities even after I completed the mentorship. I had the opportunity to assist at a good number of weddings and experienced many different situations where I either had to use a bit of problem solving or thinking on the spot to resolve the issue. For instance, at one wedding, a guest threw up and was in a terrible state. I made sure that she got to her car safely in the wheel chair with her family friend who would be taking her home. They were very appreciative of the gesture and I was happy that I was able to be of assistance."

Cindy L., Winter/Spring Mentee 2013, now owner of Wonder Chic Events

"During my six month mentorship at Envision Weddings & Events, I was privileged to work with numerous couples to plan and coordinate their special day! I cannot thank Kimberly and her team enough for allowing me to learn from their experiences, that ultimately created a life changing experience for me. I was given several different roles and responsibilities that challenged my knowledge and gave me the confidence and skills to advance in the industry!"

Katy W., Summer/Fall Mentee 2014

"If you are looking to gain experience, look no further. When I started at Envision Weddings + Events, I was ready to work and eager to learn. I can definitely say that within the past few months, I have learned a lot about myself and how I deal with stress, how I present myself to clients, and how to work in a functional team environment. You will learn from beginning to end how to plan and coordinate wedding functions and all that goes along with that including weekly meetings, planning and attending vendor appointments, vendor confirmations, creating inspirations boards, and picking up last minute items before the big day. Everything you have been working towards only counts if it is executed properly. This is where coordination and team work really play a role in the execution process. You’re only good enough until you make it and this is your time to shine and prove that you can think on your feet and make executive decisions. At Envision Weddings + Events you really get the well rounded hands on experience that any mentorship should offer. Of course, the benefits and perks are always a plus. The greatest benefit for me was that Kimberly Fu not only trains you to be a mentee, she truly wants all of her employees to succeed and she trains you to be your own entrepreneur one day. The other perks include a head shot photo shoot, photos from the weddings you have worked on for your portfolio, and a glowing recommendation (upon performance) for future endeavours. Thanks for the unforgettable experience."

Alexa G., Summer/Fall Intern 2014, Senior Event Specialist for the 2017 season

"I'm most appreciative of the experiences I got to have in every aspect of the business - lots of hands on experience planning and executing weddings, but also the chance to see what it takes to run a wedding planning business from the inside. I've also learned a lot about myself - how to be more confident and knowledgeable and put my best self forward - which led to more opportunities for experiences within the company as well as a full time position at a venue! Take every opportunity to learn whatever you can - the team is eager to teach you and lead you to help you discover where you best fit into events too and how to use your skills. My future goals are to continue to learn in my new venue role, and to continue to grow my event knowledge from that perspective while giving couples a fantastic experience. I'd also like to own my own business someday - whether in planning, design, or a combination of the two!"

Valary T., Winter/Spring Mentee 2014, Senior Event Specialist Summer/Fall 2014 to Summer/Fall 2015, now Events Coordinator at University of Toronto Hart House

"During my mentorship experience, I was able to explore skills that I did not have yet and hone other skills. This mentorship stretched my learning to include being able to tell a peony from a hydrangea, champagne napkins from simply gold napkins, how many chairs to put out during cocktail hour, and how to efficiently flip a room from ceremony to reception! While "busy" doesn't even come close to explaining what it is we did, at the end of the day, it's the best feeling when a happy bride and groom tells you, 'Thanks'"

Fiona L., Summer/Fall Mentee 2015

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