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We have had the privilege of partnering with some pretty talented videographers in years past! Here are clips from some of the best weddings we've worked together on.

Nasreene + Arek

August 9, 2014

Video by: New Vintage Media

Password: "vintage"

Danielle + Alexander

August 10, 2013

Video by: Bad Mash Factory

I Lang + Feng

August 3, 2013

Video by: AGI Studio

(Kimberly's cameo @ 1:18)

Pooja + Michael

July 14, 2012

Video by: In the Moment Productions

(Kimberly's cameo @ 1:33 in the red)

Agnes + Rob

September 22, 2012

Video by: Treasured Moments Productions

(Kimberly's cameo @ 0:10)

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