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Benefits of an Intimate Wedding

10 or 100? Who to invite? Does size matter?

Having a relatively smaller wedding does not denote the limitations on your lavish or whimsical ideas. In fact, having an intimate wedding allows you to think big, with a small crowd, for a once in a lifetime experience. To have a small and cozy wedding means having a greater level of personalization for you and your significant other. Many things in small weddings could be DIY, especially for your decorations and guest favours, which sometimes can be challenging for weddings with 250 guests, just because it's less in both quantity and cost.

In general, a couple considers having a small wedding mainly due to budget. But this does not have to be the only case. Either way a wedding reflects you two, surrounded by people who love you and want to celebrate with you. So why not pare it down a little?

So, how can you amaze everyone (including yourself!) with an intimate wedding?

Skip the tradition and keep it close!

At the ceremony, keep everyone close (in proximity) for your vows. It's not necessary to make it extremely formal either. Especially when you have two different religious beliefs, having a small ceremony is always a good way to combine a bit of ‘this or that’ elements, make it simpler for every guest to feel comfortable and understand your background, and give you their warmest blessing in a meaningful way. Having a smaller sized ceremony also makes the guests feel like they are a part of the nuptials because they are physically sitting closer to all the action. Quick tip: When you mutually decide not to have any ritual ceremonial moments, it’s best to write and read a little paragraph to the one you love, and which will pepper in laughter and tears with your close friends for some great memories.

More choices, go outside of the box!

Did you have your first date at a theatre, and want to make your memories more meaningful? It can be your choice to choose a venue that means something to the both of you and easier to make it happen when you choose smaller scale wedding. When it comes to venue choices, an intimate wedding can take place anywhere (even places that you normally don't think of!), like a pop-up store. The setup, decorations and food style can be a very down-to-earth. For example,you can choose to be at a restaurant two blocks away from your house, with a designed menu that includes foods that you both love eating on a regular basis. It's your wedding, so make it your own!

In addition, you can get your family members and friends to participate throughout your planning stage. For example, get your mother to bake your wedding cake or invite your talented friend to play some instruments for your ceremony. With a smaller crowd, you can have more involvement from the people you hold dear.

Elope for some foreign fun!

Destination weddings are very popular nowadays, but it can be costly when you plan to invite hundreds of guests. Intimate weddings can be coordinated exceptionally phenomenal if you choose to get married at a foreign place, but only if you both like a smaller guest list. Furthermore, it could just be the two of you or just with immediate family members to witness your marriage, and afterwards, you can stay at the resort for your honeymoon or hop off to another destination!

A wedding overall is about you and your significant other and the intimacy that you create on your big day could build more memories of your relationship. And plus, it will reduce stress by the millions - so why not?

Have fun planning and celebrating!

- Natalie

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