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Team Bio: Michael

A team is not a team without a muscle man. And today we are featuring our lead muscle man, Michael, in our line of team profiles!

As several success stories go, Michael began working in events as one of the first assistants to Kimberly (his now wife), something that just fell into his lap. Fast forward years later, and Michael has developed a background in banquet hall management, decor set up and floral design through his experience on the team.

We get a fresh perspective of the wedding industry through his experience as the ultimate "behind the scenes" guy!

What was your most memorable planning experience from this year?

I'm always considered the Jack of All Trades, but this year I dabbled a lot in floral design and set up, given that Kimberly is now the lead floral designer on the team. One of our weddings we had to do 55 centerpieces, and our living and dining room was full of flowers - we had to make tables, pedestals, and basically clear off every flat surface we had to be able to fit them all. Another memorable moment was when Kimberly was in between her destination weddings, and was home for a matter of 2-3 days before flying out again - having to unpack all the gear and repack it for a whole different event was an experience. My favourite though is when I got to accompany the bride and groom from that 55-centerpiece wedding at their photos in Kariya Park - it was such a nice change of pace, something that I don't get to indulge in a lot.

What is your favourite unique wedding detail you've witness this past season?

It would have to be, hands down, the ridiculously long fireworks display at Rashi and Dhruv's wedding [June 30th @ Glencairn Golf Club] - it was so much bigger than everyone expected, and even the drone camera had to back up to not get hit in the crossfire!

What is the most challenging aspect of planning by your experience?

Preparing for the worst - so much can go wrong and having to create contingency plans for every little detail and be one step ahead. And still, every year I get surprised by something I never would have guessed could happen.

What's your favourite colour palette?

Green, brown, white and gold trim - lots of nature, leafy greens, branches and wood elements. I could be biased though, being the only guy on the team. :)

What do you do during your downtime?

I love to EAT! So sitting down to an amazing meal with my darling wife, and then snuggling with her and our puppy while binge-watching Netflix is what life is all about on those rare nights off during wedding season.

What's a quirky fact(s) that someone may not know about you?

Unlike my wife, I hate spoilers - she loves reading ahead and knowing what's up next, and I can't stand it! Also, although I am more of a type B personality, I do hate it when I'm running late, or if anyone else is for that matter. And finally - yes, I do play Pokemon Go, and bug my wife about it all the time.

Michael is a graduate from the University of Waterloo's English Literature program, and served 2 years at Roma's Hospitality as a banquet manager before leaving and devoting himself to Envision Weddings on a seasonal basis. He will be assisting in our design productions next year by managing our inventory, and finding new and exciting products for our clients.

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