Money Does Grow On Trees!

Weddings can get very expensive very quickly with expenses piling up seemingly out of nowhere, with the average cost of a wedding in Canada being $30,717. Unfortunately, up to 45% of couples end up spending more than they initially planned to. No need to worry though! With these tips and tricks you’ll be feeling like a million bucks!

It’s important to know when to splurge and when to settle for the affordable.


Wedding Photographer - your photos will be with you forever!

Food - if there’s one thing people will remember about a wedding, it’s whether the food was good!

A Wedding Planner - we may be biased on this one… but the research speaks for itself!


The Cake - by the time the wedding cake comes around, most people are too full to even take a bite.

Invitations - sometimes it isn’t necessary to get the full stationary package, as long as the message gets across, that’s all that matters

Wedding Favours - something simple and sincere says a lot, no need to be extravagant on this one

Save - DIY It!