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Groom Accessory Options

These days, more and more grooms and groomsmen are adding unique and personal touches to their wedding day looks. Brides and bridesmaids are not the only ones that can have fun with their styles. Here are a few ideas for the men of the wedding from head to toe.

1. Hat or No Hat

Hats are a great way to stand out from the crowd and to add your own personal style to your wedding look. For a more traditional look or black tie look, a top hat would work. Or for those a little more causal can try those newspaper boy caps, or fedoras or even a cowboy’s hat!

2. Ties or Bowties

There are many different styles and colours for ties and bowties. However, to add a different touch, why not try to tie your tie in a different way? Here is a link that offers different ways to tie a tie.

3. Boutonnieres

Boutonnieres are one of my favourite ways to include personality and interest. Flowers are traditional options; however the sky is the limit. You can add to the floral boutonnieres or use any small objects such as keychains or toy figurines as the actual boutonnieres. They are so cute!

4. Novelty Shirts

Many grooms and groomsmen are starting to wear trending shirts under their dress shirts. Many themed shirts involve super heroes from DC comics or Marvel, or television series such as the Game of Thrones.

5. Cufflinks

Working your way to the arms and hands, we have the cuff links. Cuff links can come in many different designs from gamer designs for your inner geek chic, to the vintage and traditional designs. The first image below is Zelda themed cuff links.

6. Blinging it Out

If you like your bling, there are many ways to add more bling. There are options for a nice shiny tie clip or tie bar, or watches or necklace. Maybe bling out that tie or bowtie, or even those shoes! However, let’s not get too overboard. You grooms will still need to share the day with your bride. :)

7. Novelty or Quirky Socks

Similar to the shirts, you can reveal your personal touches with socks. For example, many men love the idea of wearing the super hero socks, or the argyle socks with cool and bold colours.

8. Shoes

Lastly we end with the shoes. There are countless shoe options from the causal sneakers, boots, loafers, to the traditional black dress shoes. Not to mention, you can change it up with different colours or different coloured shoe laces.

With these ideas and tips, grooms and groomsmen can be just as styling as their beautiful counterparts. Be

creative and include touches that relate to your theme and colours. Although the stigma is that all eyes are on the bride, we can update that statement and have all eyes on the groom as well!

Happy Accessorizing!

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