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Featured Wedding: Tanya + Victoria

There's a million ways to descibe our big wedding in Mexico for Tanya and Victoria. Coming to mind right now, the words "emotional", "exotic", "fun", "crazy", "challenging" and.... "HOT"... are definitely in the mix.

Tanya and Victoria are not only an amazing couple, but dear friends of mine as well. We worked together for about a year, from the moment they decided that yes, they wanted to get married somewhere hot; yes, they wanted to bring their 40 some-odd friends and family along; and yes, they trusted us to make that happen.

Both being teachers, and out of the province (I was educated about where exactly Lloydminster, Saskatchewan was), it was definitely interesting planning this wedding with their busy work schedule and having cross-country communication with the venue. They finally decided on the wild and unique Occidental Xcaret Resort in Cancun for their symbolic nuptials, followed by the legal civil ceremony back in Ontario.

Needless to say, this one turned out to be for the books. We had a blast, even after getting eaten by fire ants, trying not to get heatstroke (with the 40+ degrees!) and witnessing a traumatic personal experience by one of the guests. In the end, nothing can really compare to the love that these two share against the beautiful backdrop of Mexico.... especially when there is sand fighting and cannonballing involved!

Thanks to MPSG Weddings for the great shots and the team at Occidental Grand Xcaret for the assistance.

And the talented team:

Floral and Cake - Occidental Grand Xcaret

Additional Ceremony Decor & Jonathan's Tutu ;) - Envision Weddings

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