Our half day management is for the couple that really has it all down pat, but needs some extra hands here and there to ensure everything is taken care of. Perfect for those who have a hectic reception schedule or lots of DIY setup or a COVID couple that is just doing a ceremony.

Choose from our 4-hour setup only service, or 6-9 hour coordination service that covers the basics - typically either just the ceremony or just the reception, with a little bit of setup before. 

This is also for those who really want stress relief from a coordination team but realize it might not be in the budget - a great, affordable way to have professionals come in to tie things up.

Services start from $750.


  • A certified, qualified, and personable lead coordinator from our award-winning team assigned to you 6 weeks prior to the wedding

  • A quick meeting about 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding to talk logistics - essentially what to set up and what time is everything happening

  • Setup only service includes 4 hours (minimum) and will cover receiving table and reception details setup; ceremony setup optional if it is at the same location

  • 6 hour or 9 hour coordination service includes coordination of either your ceremony or reception and the timing is determined by your coordinato

  • Fully stocked emergency kits for your use during the service time

  • A basic production schedule to distribute to yourselves and us to ensure we're on the same page

  • Setups are only for items that are already made and completed (as much as we like to craft, we don't want to do it on your wedding day!)