Flowers That Can Survive with Little Water

This week’s blog provides some insight on flowers that can survive without much water. On the day of your wedding, you don’t want to worry about whether your flowers will last the day or for that matter, the entire night. Well, here are a few floral suggestions to be mindful of whether you are adding it to your bouquet or centrepieces, or creating accents for your accessories. Agave and Succulents Bougainvillea Blanket Flower (Gaillardia) Verbana Lavender Globe Thistle Sunflowers #weddingflorist #weddingflowers #weddingbouquets #weddingplanning #weddingplanner #weddingtraditions #smartwedding #weddingplannertoronto #weddingcenterpieces #weddingsetup #weddingday #torontofloral #weddingteam #

Destination Wedding: Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy is rich with culture, architecture and delectable eats. You really can’t go wrong celebrating your wedding here. It is the perfect combination of romance and history, home to many legendary masterpieces of the Renaissance era. If you are considering getting married in Florence, Italy, here are some things to know! Legal Requirements Each country has its own legal requirements pertaining destination marriages. For Canadians wanting to get married in Italy here are the requirements; A valid Passport A Birth Certificate Record of Divorce or Death Certificate (if you have been married prior) A certificate of Non Impediment to Marriage (obtained from your embassy in Italy) To avoi

An Eco-Friendly Wedding

For today’s brides it’s so easy to get so caught up in the planning process, and sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture. Everyone wants bigger, better and more! The whirlwind of wedding planning often leaves the bride and groom forgetting about what happens after the wedding day is all said and done. The average wedding produces 400-600 pounds of garbage and 66 tons of Carbon Dioxide! In just a day, a wedding can produce waste equivalent to that of 4-5 people in an entire year. The wedding industry is a wasteful industry to say the least. It is important to try and fit in environmentally friendly practices leading up to the wedding, the day of the wedding and afterwards as well. Here are

Furry Friends at Your Wedding

Anyone who is a pet owner knows that a pet is part of the family. It’s hard to resist including your pets on your special day, in some way or another. Logistically speaking, although well intended, including pets in your wedding can be a challenge. Here are some ideas and tips to have your perfect day with your furry friends - stress free! Wedding Photos Save the date, engagement photos, bridal party/bride and groom photos are all great alternatives to actually having your pet walking down the aisle. Bridal party photos can take up a good portion of the day, so it is best to get the photos in with your pet right at the beginning when they have the attention span for it. If you have a pet tha

Beach Themed Wedding – Florals

Summer is a great time to have a beach wedding. Whether you are in Hawaii, the Caribbean, or even at the Toronto Beaches, you can capture the essence of the beach in your floral decorations and flower bouquets. #beach #beachwedding #beachthemewedding #beachthemedwedding #perfectwedding #torontoweddingdecor #Torontoweddingdesign #smartwedding #bridalbouquets #realwedding #torontofloraldesign #torontoflorist #torontofloraldesigner #weddingfloral #floraldesigner #floralanddecor #floraldesign #torontoweddingfloral #torontofloral #weddingplannertoronto

Metallic Wedding Trends!

Metallic finishes, metallic attire, metallic invites, and yes, even metallic food! With all the new and creative ways to incorporate metallic there is no reason to fear the 80’s mishaps and welcome the new fresh take on this trend. There is so much variety today from golds, to coppers, to silver and different metals. The way you play with this trend is also endless. Sequin, satins, reflective objects, and so much more, be it a lot or a little – it’s sure to add a modern flare to your vision. Let’s start off with one of the most important elements of the big day – attire. Designers are creating gowns, suits, and a wide range of accessories with metallic finishes to portray a new modern flar

Money Does Grow on Trees!

Weddings can get very expensive very quickly. It feels as though these expenses start piling up seemingly out of nowhere. The average cost of a wedding in Canada in the most recent year has totalled to $30, 717. Unfortunately, up to 45% of couples end up spending more than they initially planned to. No need to worry though! With these tips and tricks you’ll be feeling like a million bucks!It’s important to know when to splurge and when to settle for the affordable. Splurge Wedding Photographer; your photos will be with you forever Food; if there’s one thing people will remember about a wedding, it’s whether the food was good A Wedding Planner; we may be biased on this one… but the research s

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