Friendor Fridays: Brent Miller Live

After many years in this wonderful yet crazy industry we have had the opportunity to work with some amazing vendors. If there is one thing better than a professional vendor, it would have to be a great friendor (Vendor & Friend) ! Our clients always ask “do you have a preferred vendors list?”, “what makes them preferred?”, “ what do they have to offer?”. We reached out to our friends and interviewed them just for you! Find out how long they have been in business, some advice/tips, and who they are through our “Friendors Blog Series”. Here's our sit down with Brent! How long have you been in business? We began our wedding focused Brent Miller LIVE company in 2014, having performed as a group

Watercolour Trends

Watercolour is absolutely everywhere! Bold or subtle, it seems this trend has made it’s way into every avenue in the wedding industry. Some of us may think watercolour is for the “artsy” or colourful type of bride but this trend is also for the chic, modern, and classy bride as well. Let’s explore all the ways that watercolour is painting love all around this wedding world of ours. Décor Whether you are using a watercolour palette or actually incorporating the art of watercolour into your décor, they transition between colours is something special. Bold and beautiful, or soulful and subtle – this medium can be used in any measure. Watercolour seating charts, watercolour runners, and décor co

Alternative Bridesmaids Bouquets

Getting bored of seeing florals everywhere at a wedding? One normally see flowers at the ceremony, in the reception centrepieces and all personal flowers like bridal bouquet and wedding party bouquets as well. Some brides may think it’s an essential for them to have a fresh floral bouquet, but where can you have alternatives to possibly lower the costs of floral? These alternatives for your bridesmaids can make them look uniquely stunning without fresh flowers on that day too! Lanterns Lanterns are some of the most popular alternatives of bridesmaid bouquets in the wedding scene. Lanterns can be add to the decor as well as being the item that bridesmaids hold down the aisle. If you’re having

Destination Wedding Welcomes

Over the last few years destination weddings have become uber popular. Usually destination weddings attract couples looking for adventure, or couple who share a passion for travel, or even just a desire for a more unique and intimate wedding. That being said, destination weddings can be quite the commitment for your guests so you want to make sure that you make the experience a wonderful one with a warm welcome! There are many ways to share and keep your guests feeling though of throughout the entire wedding planning journey. Wedding Apps & Website You are going to want to start off with a wedding website or eve, downloadable app to follow your invitations/ save the dates. Unlike official

Brunch is ALWAYS a Good Idea!

Seriously, who doesn’t like brunch??? Whether you’re a morning person or not, no one would say no to brunch, especially with a celebration! Is a brunch wedding better than traditional evening wedding? Does it require less planning? How should you do it? Let's talk about all of these pertinent details in today's blog about brunch weddings Hidden Gems for a Brunch Wedding When it comes to brunch, everyone naturally thinks about the food and drinks. Of course, this is certainly a must-mentioned topic; but first let’s discuss some other hidden benefits that you may not know about having a brunch wedding. INSIDE OR OUT? You don’t have to limit yourself on choosing your venue - it could be an outd

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