Featured Wedding: Diana + Kacper

When Diana sat in my living room and spoke to me passionately about her upcoming wedding in August, I just knew that we were going to work really well together. Not only was she going to be married to her high school sweetheart, but they were going to have their wedding at the beautiful Liberty Grand grounds, on the opening weekend of the Ex and with multiple culturally significant traditions happening throughout the day. Despite a slight hiccup that we had with the church (it was resolved several months prior to the big day, thankfully!), this wedding was one of our favourites to coordinate -- not only because it was action packed and never a dull moment, but because the bride and groom wer

Groom Accessory Options

These days, more and more grooms and groomsmen are adding unique and personal touches to their wedding day looks. Brides and bridesmaids are not the only ones that can have fun with their styles. Here are a few ideas for the men of the wedding from head to toe. 1. Hat or No Hat Hats are a great way to stand out from the crowd and to add your own personal style to your wedding look. For a more traditional look or black tie look, a top hat would work. Or for those a little more causal can try those newspaper boy caps, or fedoras or even a cowboy’s hat! 2. Ties or Bowties There are many different styles and colours for ties and bowties. However, to add a different touch, why not try to tie your

Featured Wedding: Natasha + Manoj

We love referrals! Natasha and Manoj were referred to us by one of our lovely couples back in May, a friend of a friend of a friend (of a friend..?). They had asked us to do some beautiful Indian garlands for their nuptials that following August, and who are we to say no? The photos turned out stunning! Thanks a bunch to Big Al Studios for the great shots. #weddingphotography #hinduwedding #jaimalas #weddingfloral #floraldesign #torontofloraldesign #torontoflorist

Trash the Dress Photoshoots

A wedding dress is said to be the most important dress a girl is going to wear, but what a bride chooses to do with the dress after the big day is over is what we are interested in. While many brides keep their gown safely stored away, many are deciding to carelessly wear their dress for a photoshoot that ultimately “trashes” the dress. These photoshoots are taken anytime after the wedding celebrations are done, and they can get pretty creative. Trashing the dress can range from minor activities such as sitting in the grass and risking a grass stain to extremes of jumping in water or mud. Dresses can be trashed by being wet, dirty, or even teared, the options are endless.The best part of thi

Packing for a Destination Wedding

After jet-setting all over North America overseeing (and attending!) weddings, every so often I come back thinking: "That item would have been very useful at that given moment on my trip." And given that we are going to be heading to Malibu, Mexico and hopefully many other places in the future to do more celebrations, I figure it is a fitting time to list out some of my favourite must-have items to bring -- as a bride, groom, or even as a guest! 1. Several pieces of identification - not just your passport! When you're applying for marriage licenses in a place that is not your native city, it's probably a good idea to have some extra pieces of ID for verification purposes, just to make sure t

Featured Wedding: Mirudu + Dominic

When this fiery Sri-Lankan bride contacted me sometime last May and said, "Look, we have 2 months to plan our wedding and we need a venue!" I immediately didn't blink an eye and drummed up my long list of contacts of venues that would be able to execute at the last minute. Lo and behold, 48 hours later, they had secured a venue and our services for the wedding day. This wedding is more of a labour of love, not only because the bride and groom come from polar opposite cultures (he's Swiss) but also because I've known Mirudu since we were fresh, doe-eyed 16-year-olds working at our first jobs at Burger King and ready to take on the world (okay, more like ready to earn some miniscule cash from

5 Beautiful In-Season Blooms for your Spring Wedding

It’s no secret that florals have become a big part of the wedding industry; when deciding on a time of year to marry their beau, more than a few brides have been swayed by the colours of the seasonal flowers that will most likely populate their ceremony and reception. If you’re like me, and you love a rich variety, then you’re in luck because not only is spring the beginning of wedding season, but also the season that offers the most choice when it comes to seasonal blooms. With that in mind, if you haven’t dreamt of your bouquet since you were a little girl, the variety of flower options available to a spring bride can be somewhat overwhelming. So here to inspire you, and maybe even clear y

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