Unique Bridal Showers Ideas & Games

One of the many perks of getting married is having your bridal party or friends plan your bridal shower. It is a day where the bride gets to relax, get pampered by friends, and have fun. But wait, we cannot leave out the guys. The groom and his friends can also join in on the fun with the girls. This event would then be called a couple’s shower. I have provided a few ideas and games that would work for both a bridal shower as well as a couple’s shower. So let’s start! 1. Let's Eat! Whether you are having lunch at a restaurant or at the party room of your condo building or house, food is always a good idea to start off the shower. You can grab some take out or pass hors d’oeuvres around

Wedding Trends of 2016

Time flies! 2016 is already well underway with some fabulous weddings in the works. Decor, florals, dessert, reception spaces, and more are on the list for 2016 trends. Ultimately what we have noticed is that these trends are all working toward creating more personalized and unique weddings that we cannot wait to see! 1. Creative Seating Arrangements No longer will you see the large round tables when you walk into the reception, expect to see a variety of table shapes and layouts. More couples are opting for long rectangular or square tables to change things up, and the combination of table shapes can create an intimate and creative reception space. 2. Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding

Featured Wedding: Emily + Michael

After being in the industry for several years, we always revel in the idea of having weddings in unique and out-of-the-box locations. My prayers were answered when Emily and Michael approached me to plan the rest of their wedding. Paying homage their "nerdy" roots, Emily and Michael booked the Ontario Science Centre's Telus Room, without having looked at it prior and fueled by the idea of having their wedding photos be amongst some of the coolest science exhibits in the province. Our job was to mix their own love for science (they are both pharmacists) and their deep Chinese roots seamlessly, while appeasing families and their own tastes so that it made everyone happy! The result was perfect

Honouring Lost Loved Ones

It's no secret that on a wedding day, a couple and their families could feel a million emotions at any given time. Happiness, excitement, nervousness, relief, joy. But after a couple weddings last year, there is one emotion that I kept seeing over and over again that kept shattering my heart into a million different pieces: Sadness that a loved one was not able to join the celebration. I don't know what it was about this past season where we had lots of deceased parents being commemorated throughout the evenings. And each time, they had their own special way to pay their respects. In the unfortunate event that this may be something that you are going through (and by the way, no matter how pr

DIY's That Save Money

Everyone knows that throwing a party for 100+ of your closest family and friends can get very expensive very quickly. Incredible vendors with years of experience, tons of talent, and prices to match will do their best to make your Wedding Day the most special and beautiful that it could possibly be. If you budget doesn’t allow for that, there are some small projects that you and your trusty wedding party can take on to lower some costs and have some fun! Be careful not to take on too much though, things can get out of hand pretty quickly especially for unseasoned DIYers and those with large guest lists. Let’s start at the beginning, with one of the most common and simple DIY projects a coupl

Featured Wedding: Tanya + Victoria

There's a million ways to descibe our big wedding in Mexico for Tanya and Victoria. Coming to mind right now, the words "emotional", "exotic", "fun", "crazy", "challenging" and.... "HOT"... are definitely in the mix. Tanya and Victoria are not only an amazing couple, but dear friends of mine as well. We worked together for about a year, from the moment they decided that yes, they wanted to get married somewhere hot; yes, they wanted to bring their 40 some-odd friends and family along; and yes, they trusted us to make that happen. Both being teachers, and out of the province (I was educated about where exactly Lloydminster, Saskatchewan was), it was definitely interesting planning this weddin

Wedding Colours Brainstorm

Choosing wedding colours seem quite simple when brides and grooms already know what colours they want. However, it can still be a little daunting, as these wedding colours will set the mood and stage for the entire look and feel. Not to mention, they will be forever documented in your wedding album, site and photos. No pressure!  But here are a few tips and brainstorming ideas to help you push through those obstacles and to narrow down the colour or colours of your dream wedding. 1. Consider your wedding date Your wedding day may have a huge impact on your colour choices. Living in Canada, we are blessed with four seasons, and these seasons have their specific seasonal colour palettes.

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