The Best Entrepreneurs

Yesterday, I stepped into a different element for just a second to attend a judges reception for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards program. A couple months back, a former intern of mine recommended me to this program, to vie for the title of Ontario's Entrepreneur of the Year - although I had no idea what I was getting myself into, or who I would be up against, I thought, "Why not?" Fast forward until yesterday, as I stood there amongst some of the best and brightest in the city - in the province! - and I thought to myself, "I am so totally out of my league here...." As I sat there listening to the all the welcome speeches from former winner and nominees, I started thinking about what e

Flower of the Month - Alstroemeria

There are many ways to spell our beautiful June Flower of the Month. Some people call it "alstroemeria". Others spell it as "alstromeria" (ditching the "e" in the middle). Some crazies will even replace the "o" and call it "alstremeria". But this bloom is mainly also known as the Peruvian Lily or the Lily of the Incas. For weddings, alstroemeria's (I'll call them "alstros") are a fantastic addition to any garden-style arrangement that needs that perfect pop of colour and just the right fullness. It's colours are very versatile. Thus far this summer, we have used varieties in yellow, orange, deep red, bright red, pink and white, and have up to 190 different colours and versions, making this f

To DIY or not to DIY?

That's truly the question! I recently had dinner with a couple whose wedding I planned over the summer, and over Somersby Apple Cider beer (um, where has this been all my life?) and homemade quesadillas, we chatted about her wedding planning experience. Undoubtedly, we ended up talking about the huge amount of DIY the bride did herself for the wedding day. And one thing was for sure. The days leading up to her wedding (and on the wedding day!) was far more enjoyed by several people around her, but not herself. Which brings me to today’s topic - is DIY really for you? You’ve pinned 400 different images of your wedding vision and now it’s time to buckle down, get all your Michael’s coupons tog

Talent: Only Half the Success

Today I am going to take a different tone with my blog posts and talk about something that one may not think of when they think “wedding professional”. The difference between “hobby” and “business” in my industry. For me, my wedding business is more than just a hobby. It is a passion of course, and I love what I do. But most importantly, it’s my life’s work, I live off my earnings, and the success of my business directly correlates to my well being and my livelihood. I am a full-time business owner, first and foremost. This also means a couple of other things. Since I am in a seasonal industry, the other 6 months out of my year (when I’m not coordinating and executing events) is spent doing

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