Flower of the Month - The Freesia

Over the next couple of months, I will be featuring some lesser-known flowers that may be the perfect compliment to the standard bridal bouquet. Too often the “big 5” are selected out of sheer popularity – the calla lily, the orchid, the hydrangea, the rose and the peony – and of course, beauty. But, that is not to say that there aren’t several (see: thousands) of other beautiful options that could potentially bring more cost-savings and equally as much beauty. So this month, we focus on one of my favourite underdogs: the freesia. This fragrant, cone shaped flower is used as gorgeous little accents to any flower arrangement, and the best part about them is that they come in so many different

Finding Vendors with Integrity

As your wedding day only comes around once, it is important – nay, crucial - for you to find wedding vendors that have a high level of integrity. Without integrity, businesses don’t work! Meet with vendors that will reply to emails promptly, show up on time to meetings, make things clear and straightforward, and answer all your questions. Although this may seem very basic and expected, there will be occasional service person that will think that it is okay for them to leave your questions on the backburner, arrive half an hour late to your initial meeting without reasonable cause, and dodge some tricky, potentially uncomfortable questions (i.e. “What are the additional charges aside from wha

Baggage on the Wedding Day (and not emotional)

As a woman, our purse (or undersized luggage for some of us) contains the contents to our lives. It is our emergency kit. Our life line. Our can’t-live-without item. During a recent event, we had a little purse mishap. Thankfully, everything proceeded without a hitch, but this incident really gave me something to think about. Whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid, the contents and whereabouts of your purse should be well thought out prior to the main event! What to Bring? The essentials! That goes for everything from makeup to mints. Only bring what you need to touch up and stay fresh. For days that will prove to be hectic, you shouldn’t have to worry about lugging around a giant bag

Venue Managers vs. Event Planners

When meeting with a new client, somehow this question always comes up: "I have a banquet/catering coordinator that the hall said will be there on the day of the wedding who says I don’t ‘need’ a wedding coordinator. So why should I hire you?" First of all, I have nothing against banquet or catering coordinators. I think the role is absolutely necessary and you definitely need one on the day of the wedding. They are our best partners on the wedding day. However, there is a HUGELY distinct difference between what we do - as day-of coordinators, as wedding planners - and what banquet/catering coordinators do. Banquet and catering coordinators are hired by the respective event venue to s

Mapping It Out: Time Management for the Busy Person

We are wedding and event planners, but we are also human. Therefore, we do have families to take care of, friends to spend time with, social lives to upkeep (or at least try!), career development to consider, administrative work to take care of, houses to maintain, food to prepare, errands to run, personal emergencies to put out… etc. etc. etc. Most of the time, I personally get asked the question: how DO you manage to do everything? After years of practice, juggling and negotiations, I have learned to develop a nice balance between the two - planning events and still being a great colleague, friend, daughter, sister and wife. Come back to me in about 2 years, and maybe I’ll add “mother

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