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Principal Event Specialist & Floral Designer

CEO + Founder

WELL, HELLO! Fancy seeing you here. ;)


My name is Kimberly and I am the Founder, Principal Event Specialist, Principal Floral Designer, Person-That-Manages-It-All, etc. etc.


I began my journey in the wedding industry in 2007 when a friend of mine asked me to take my broadcast journalism skills and venture into the wedding cinematography business. After a year or so of running around and watching the behind-the-scenes of the crazy world of weddings, I was hooked. But, I had a problem. I hated editing videos. But I loved weddings and the production of the event. So what now? 


Fast forward 12 years (!!!!) later, and here we are. Over the years, I got certified through the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada with a Destination Wedding specialization, an extension on my existing Special Events Management certificate from Humber College. I also fell in love with the design part of the event, and in 2014 became a certified floral designer to offer my clients stunning fresh florals to accompany their incredibly well-organized event.


My team and my weddings have been featured in publications like StyleMePretty, Elegant Wedding Magazine, and WeddingBells. We won WeddingWire's Couple Choice Awards 5 times in a row.  I've traveled to Malibu, Mexico, France, and Italy to make magic happen all over the place.  We started an internship program in 2011 and have trained event professionals who now work at amazing organizations like the University of Toronto, McMichael Gallery, the Globe and Mail Centre and more. We have one of the top-rated listings on WeddingWire and over 150 happy clients.


But in the end, my philosophy is still the same. My passion is my work and my work is my passion. And I'm just an ordinary person that loves what she does and wants to spread the joy.  I believe in integrity. I believe in solution-based planning. I believe in building relationships, understanding concerns, and producing something that is, ultimately, the best damn party you have ever thrown.

I look forward to hearing from you and hearing YOUR story!


- I have a huge potty mouth so if you catch me dropping an f-bomb here and there, do not be alarmed (never in front of parents or guests though!)

- I have kept in touch with some of clients from the beginning of my career (over a decade ago!) and still hear from them from time to time and know what they are up to

- I love low key comfort food - pasta, meat with rice, home cooking - I don't need fancy stuff

- I am a HUGE Marvel geek and have watched all phases of the MCU


Senior Event Specialist + Client Success Manager

Hello everyone! My name is Meghan and I originally joined the Envision Weddings team in the winter of 2018 as an intern to complete my studies in event management at Durham College.


After getting a taste of what it was like to be a part of a bustling event planning environment, I officially signed on to be an events assistant for the summer of 2018 and was a part of 80% of the events that year.


I never planned to go into weddings but working with Envision made me fall in love with it head over heels. I was promoted to Junior Event Specialist in 2019 and 2020 will be my third season with Envision, this time as a Senior Event Specialist. 

I've coordinated a vast array of different events from all sorts of cultures, from a huge Jewish Orthodox traditional wedding to an intimate same-sex affair. My favourite part of wedding planning is making those personal connections with my clients and making all their requests come to fruition, even if I do have to walk 12-15,000 steps on the event day to do it.



- I am a HUGE theatre junkie

- I love the thrill of horror movies - the scarier the better

- I'm obsessed with hot sauce - tabasco preferably, but really anything will do
- I recently realized that sunscreen is INTEGRAL in my emergency kit after I burned to a crisp at one of our wedding days - other things I can't live without on wedding days are pins (safety, straight, etc.) and snacks/water!


Senior Event Specialist + Production Manager

Hi, I'm Paula! My love for events began when I studied business in university and led several extra-curricular activities as part of the first graduating class in my program.


I knew Kim from university as well, as we were fellow alumni and I knew she started her own company in event management. Years later, I couldn't help but ask to be a part of it.

Although my background began in corporate events, I quickly learned the ins and outs of weddings through my time assisting Kimberly and the team in all of 2018, more often than not being assigned to some of the biggest events of Envision Weddings history. 

My goal is to explore my love for event planning further by leading my own teams through intricate events like South Asian weddings and culturally specific affairs, but I'm open to all experiences and assisting clients in achieving the vision, whatever they may be. 


- Mother Teresa started her Mission of Charities at my grandfather's house in Calcutta and I was privileged to meet her in 1995. Last year, they turned that house into a museum.

- My husband is a film producer and I love writing scripts with him and seeing them come to life

- On the wedding day, I can't live without my phone charger - a phone is great and all, but without juice, it's useless!


Senior Production Manager + Studio Manager

Hey guys - Mike here!

I'm known as the guy that drives the truck and the guy that gets toilet paper for the studio... and I'm okay with that! But honestly, I've been Kim's right-hand man, both personally and professionally, for the past decade. I've fulfilled all sorts of different roles throughout the years, from floral designer to events assistant to partnership developer.


In fact, my training with Kimberly landed me a position as a banquet manager at a wedding venue for about 2 years, so I still know a thing or two about managing weddings (sometimes 6 in a weekend!)


These days, you'll find me maintaining the studio to make sure it looks decent for our clients and making sure all our floral deliveries make it to the events on time and in one piece (and every piece of decor gets in and out of that venue!)


- I am probably the only one on the team with more of a B type personality (amongst all the type As)

- I enjoy a good dad joke at any given time

- I never miss an event that has really good food

- I'm a board game connoisseur, and I own more than 50 of them. I also host a board game group where we play every other week


Senior Event Specialist + Production Manager

Hola! My name is Cynthia and I joined them unofficially in the middle of the 2019 season.

Having spent over 7 years in the non-profit events sector, I ventured into wedding planning two years ago as I loved the beauty of business mixed with the personal relationships I got to develop with my clients.

My background began in International Development and Political Science, and through that, it prompted me to get my PMP (Project Management Professional certification), which led me to the wonderful world of events. Fast forward several years, and now I am working on my own wedding clients as well as ones from Envision Weddings, so it keeps me busy!


Hope to see you around!



- My husband is also in the wedding industry as a pretty well-known wedding photography/videographer. If you ever need recommendations!

- When Kim first met me, she literally stopped in her tracks because of my uncanny resemblance to Jane from Jane the Virgin (Gina Rodriguez)

- I LOVE bad movies. The cringier the better!


Team Mascot

Hi! I'm Joey. 

I'm a female, long-haired mini dachshund. Born in 2015 at the size of a mouse, I was the runt of my litter and not eligible for showing as a champion breed like my grandparents were. But my fur momma, Kimberly, and her husband Mike didn't really care! They took me in anyway, and I am as happy as can be.

Once I was big enough (maxing out at a whole 8 lbs), I started coming to the studio to meet all you lovely people.

I still come every so often to bring a little bit of joy to an otherwise stressful situation. But for some reason, I think that you are all there to play with me, and not really to plan your wedding.... wait, is that not true?!

Regardless, you'll usually find me going around greeting every guest like a perfect little hostess (my momma taught me well), bugging someone to take me out at the most inopportune time or sleeping under the big grey couch, because I'm small enough to do that. 

And in case you are a little concerned - I am hypoallergenic, friendly with kids, and will likely hide more from you than you from me. 

See you soon! Ruff!

Assistant Event Specialist
Assistant Event Specialist
Assistant Event Specialist
Assistant Event Specialist
Administrative Assistant
Headshot Photography courtesy of Fable Studios and YoubyMia
Kimberly, Paula, Jenna and Alicia's makeup by Blush Pretty